Street & Stormwater Department


Responsibilities of the Zionsville Street & Stormwater Department include:
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and replacement of all public infrastructure in the way of streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Storm sewers
  • Curbs
  • Special street lights
  • Traffic signals
  • Traffic signs
Street bridge is moved into position


During the winter season our primary function is to apply salt and plow roads when needed. We also provide the leaf collection and semi-annual brush and limb collection. We coordinate many of the contract services such as heavy trash each year, and offer support to the special events that occur throughout the year.

The department also responds to the 24-hour sewer emergency line when residents or businesses suspect there is a problem in the sanitary sewer mains. The vast majority of the after-hours emergencies to which we respond are in fact not problems with the sanitary sewer main, but rather the smaller, private lateral lines running from Zionsville homes.

We also take care of any and all trees that are located on public property (commonly referred to as within public right-of-way) and put up the ever-changing banners along Main Street.

Additional Information

As the department head, I coordinate new pathway projects which typically are located along streets (such as the new pathway bridge over Eagle Creek shown in the photo), and oversee all facets of large street projects such as the 106th Street project. We mow along roads when abutting property owners fail to do so, or if there are no residences in the vicinity to do it. We perform routine cleaning of sanitary sewer main lines every quarter.

Our staff includes myself, one administrative assistant, one stormwater program manager and eight “road crew” people consisting of two team leaders and six street technicians. This staffing level is about half of what other similar-sized communities typically employ. While we do whatever we can using in-house personnel, including small street, sidewalk, curb and pipe repairs, we contract annually for large paving projects and those other items to large for our staff and equipment to handle.

We have a variety of equipment at our disposal, including the obvious, common ones such as dump trucks, backhoes and pickup trucks. We also have specialized sewer cleaning equipment, leaf vacuums, limb chippers and the like. We have one smaller bucket truck to get to higher things. In general, if something does not involve a park, a fire or a crime, it falls to us.