Uniformed Services

Captain Marius Klykken

Captain Marius Klykken


The Uniformed Services Division is comprised of 25 merit Officers and uniformed Officers of the Reserve Division. The Patrol Division currently patrols 97 miles of streets in 12 square miles, in 2 patrol districts.
  • Patrol District 1 is the area bordered on the north by Willow Road and U.S. 421, on the south by 96th Street, the Boone/Hamilton County Line on the east and 6th Street on the west.
  • Patrol District 2 is the area bordered on the north by County Road 400 South at County Road 875 East, Ford Road at 96th on the south, 6th Street on the east and County Road 850 East on the west.
About the Division
The Uniformed Services Division is the largest single Division within the Zionsville Police Department. This division includes the Reserve Division and Bicycle Patrol. Uniformed Service is tasked with providing 24 hour per day, 365 days per year police services. The Uniformed Services Division also is responsible for special event and emergency incident coordination, special assignments and specialized patrols.

The Uniformed Services Division also provides a Reserve Liaison Officer, assigned to work with and assist the Reserve Division Commander when required and provide Public Information Officers assigned to provide the news media with information on any departmental actions, and incidents when required.

Duties & Responsibilities
Uniformed Services Division Officers are charged with Criminal and Traffic Patrol for the Town of Zionsville. Officers respond to all calls for law enforcement. These duties include but are not limited to investigations of crimes, investigations of suspicious circumstances, observing for criminal activity and ensuring the safety and security of the residents of the town and those who visit here. Patrol Division Officers are also responsible for maintaining safety on the roadways and streets in the town.