Treatment Systems

The wastewater plant has gone through numerous improvements since 1986 with the latest, and also the largest, being completed in 2005. The wastewater plant now has a 2,000,000 gallon per day capacity. The plant consists of the following treatment systems:
  • 400,000 gallon surge tank
  • Smith and Loveless Pista grit removal system
  • Lakeside automatic fine screen
  • Two 30 feet diameter and one 40ft diameter primary settling tanks
  • 4 aeration tanks utilizing fine bubble diffusion
  • Four 40 feet diameter secondary settling tanks
  • Chlorine contact tank
  • Four tertiary polishing ponds
  • Post aeration and dechlorination facility
Solid Handling Capabilities
  • Two 25 feet diameter sludge thickener tanks
  • One 40 feet and one 30 feet diameter gas holder anaerobic digesters with external mixers
  • Two 25 feet diameter secondary digesters
  • One 2 meter and one 1 meter Komline belt filter presses
  • Covered sludge storage building with 400 yard capacity