24 Emergency Contact

This number goes to a pager that is monitored 24/7. Be sure to leave a message that includes your name, address, telephone number and the nature of your emergency.This number is for sewer back-ups only and is not to be used to obtain billing information.

A crew will be sent out to check the main line for blockages and will clear the line if one is found. If it is determined that the blockage is in the home owner’s service line it is then up to the home owner to contract a sewer cleaning company to come and clear it. It is a good idea to have the main line checked first in case it is the Town’s sewer that has a blockage.

This will save the home owner the expense of calling a sewer cleaning company first only to find that the blockage is in the Town main. Be advised that if a sewer cleaning company is called before contacting the Town, the Town will not be responsible for any bill incurred by the home owner if it is subsequently determined that the blockage is in the Town’s main line.
  1. 24 Emergency Contact

    Phone: 317-903-9206