Mayor & Administration

Town Administration includes Mayor Emily Styron; Deputy Mayor Julie Johns-Cole; Human Resources Manager Jo Kiel; Public Information Officer Amanda Vela; Executive  Assistant to the Mayor Carol Johnson; and Information Technology Director Joseph Rust.

About Mayor Emily Styron

Emily Styron became the second Mayor of Zionsville on January 1, 2020. With a background in public policy, finance and technology, Styron excels in launching initiatives and leading effective teams. She has led programs in state and local government; life science and technology companies; social service agencies; start-up/entrepreneurial organizations; and higher education. Three roles emerge throughout her career: ethical leadership, innovative problem solver, expert organizational management.

Styron has lived in Zionsville for 20 years and served in a variety of local community service roles including the Boone County Redevelopment Commission, the Zionsville Parks Board, the YWCA Board of Directors and as a Girl Scout Leader for nearly 13 years. She received her Master’s in Public Administration from IU.

About the Zionsville Town Administration

  • The Town of Zionsville operates under a Mayor-Town Council form of government.
  • The Mayor is elected and manages the daily affairs and operations of the Town.
  • The Mayor ensures that Town services are performed in accordance with policies and with the capability of the Town’s resources.
  • The Mayor serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town and oversees the departments and staff that coordinate various services for its residents and businesses.
  • The Mayor is the individual who directs the day to day operations of the Town.
  1. Administration

    Physical Address
    1100 W Oak Street
    Zionsville, IN 46077

    Phone: 317-873-5410
    Fax: 317-873-8021

  2. Photo of Mayor Emily Styron

    Emily Styron

    Phone: Please call Executive Assistant Carol Johnson at 317-344-1167.

  3. Photo of Deputy Mayor Julie Johns-Cole

    Julie Johns-Cole

    Deputy Mayor
    Phone: (317) 873-1589

  4. Jo Kiel

    Human Resources Manager
    Phone: 317-873-8244

  5. Vela

    Amanda Vela

    Public Information Officer
    Phone: 317-873-1585

  6. Carol Johnson

    Executive Assistant to the Mayor
    Phone: 317-344-1167

  7. Joseph Rust

    Technology Director
    Phone: 317-873-1577