Planned Projects

The following tables represent the current Pathways Plan master list by priority classification as of July, 2012. Due to the instability of funding, specific years cannot be forecast, and projects may rise or fall in priority when opportunities arise that facilitate a particular project.  

Recently Completed Pathways

Name Location Span Comments

Bloor Woods to Mulberry  Bloor Lane
Bloor Woods to Mulberry Street
Completed in fall 2016
  Big-4 Rail Trail/Main Street Connector
Hawthorne Street
9th Street/Lauren Avenue to Dairy Queen/Main Street
Completed in 2013
  Big-4 Rail Trail Extension
North end of Big-4 Rail Trail
Rail Trail to Heritage Trail Park
Completed in 2013
  Eagle Creek Trail Extension
Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek to Elm Street Green
Completed in 2013

Sycamore Street (SR 334) Pathway
Sycamore Street (SR 334)
Lions Park to Michigan Road
Completed in spring 2012

Turkey Foot Park Pathway
Turkey Foot Park
Turkey Foot Ave to Woodside Dr
Completed in 2010

Priority Pathways In Design/Pre-Construction Phase

Pathway to ZMS West
700 E
Royal Run to ZMS West & Soccer Fields
 Construction to begin summer 2017
  Carmel Pathway Network
116th Street
116th Street to Michigan Road

Priority Pathway Projects


Turkey Foot Road Pathway
Turkey Foot Avenue
Mulberry Street to Turkey Foot Park

Completion of Sycamore Street Pathway
Sycamore Street
Lions Park to Elm Street

Complete Templin Road
Templin Road
Willow Road to Lost Run Farms

Lions Park to Elm Street Green
Lions Park/Eagle Creek
Lions Park to Elm Street Green

Oak Street West
W Oak Street
Post Office to I-65

Templin Road to Clarkston
Michigan Road
Templin Road to Valley Meadow Drive

Extend Rail Trail North
Rail Trail and 400 S
875 E to East 500 S

Creekside Corporate Park Connector
Inter-Urban 106th Street to north across the creek
  Eagle Creek Pathway
Eagle Creek
100 Foot Bridge to Zionsville Road

Future Pathway Projects

   Name Location Span  Comments

Southeast Commercial Corridor Pathway
Zionsville Road
Zionsville Road to Bennett Pkwy

146th Street to Union Elem
South side of 146th Street
US 421 to Union Elementary

Extend Big-4 Rail Trail North
Rail Trail
CR 875 E to Whitestown

Extend Big-4 Rail Trail South
Rail Trail
100′ Bridge to 96th Street

Zionsville Road to Creekside
Zionsville Road/Sycamore Street
Zionsville Road to Creekside Park

Temple Avenue Pathway
Golf Course
Willow Road to Turkey Foot Avenue

Longer Term Pathways

   Name Location Span  Comments

Elm Street Green to Willow Road
Eagle Creek
Elm Street Green Park to Willow Road/Temple

Inter-Urban Pathway
Inter-Urban Golf Course to Hoosier Village

CR 525 Connector
CR 525 S/CR 650 E
CR 650 E to CR 700 E

Turkey Foot North Trail
N. Turkey Foot Avenue
Turkey Foot Park to Holliday Road

950 E Pathway
CR 950 E
Oak Street to Whitestown Road

Utility Corridor south of town
Utility Corridor
Near the east side of Zionsville Road to 96th Street (old Inter-Urban)

Holliday Road Trail
Holliday Road
CR 975 E to US 421

Ford/Starkey south loop
Ford Road/I-865
Ford Road to south end of Starkey Park

Zionsville Road Pathway
Zionsville Road
106th Street to 96th Street

Little Eagle Creek Trail
Little Eagle Creek
Elm Street Green Park to Willow Road/Austin Oaks

Sutphin Pathway
Sutphin Property
Eagle Creek to Zionsville Road/Northwest Tech Park

Western Loop
Utility Corridor
Hunt Club Road to Utility Corridor

Hunt Club Road to Royal Run
Property Line
Salem Road to Royal Run Blvd
Midland Trace Trail
Old Central Indiana Railway
East Town Border to West Town Border
  Starkey Park to 96th Street
Eagle Creek
South end of Starkey Park to 96th Street