Public Services

  1. Permits

    View the various permits that are granted by the street and stormwater department.

  2. Bid Postings

    See bid postings for upcoming projects.

  3. Seasonal Services

    Take a look at the types of work that the Street and Stormwater Department does during the different seasons.

  4. Stormwater Programs

    Rule 13, officially 327 IAC 15-13, deals with storm water run-off associated with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS-4) conveyances.

  5. Stormwater Quality Management Plan

    Find out what is currently going on with the Stormwater Quality Management Plan.

  6. Utilities and Billing

    Information about trash collection, sewer/wastewater billing and Citizen's Water.

  7. Public Assistance

    Get information about public assistance eligibility.