Professional Standards

Mission Statement

The mission of the Professional Standards Division is to assist the Zionsville Police Department administrators, supervisors and employees in maintaining unquestionable integrity. To maintain effective and efficient law enforcement service while assuring fair and equal treatment of the citizens of Zionsville, visitors and the employees of the Zionsville Police Department.


The Zionsville Police Department provides police service to our community. The Department has trained its personnel to provide consistent and professional service. As a member of our community, you can assist the Department in ensuring that this level of service maintains that high level of expectation. We encourage your participation. We want you to give us information when you observe actions by the Police Department or individual Police Officers, which you believe needs our attention. These can be both actions which you find rewarding and those you might believe are not at an acceptable level of professional police service.

The Zionsville Police Department is cognizant of the fact that the normal operations of any law enforcement agency may generate complaints of personnel misconduct. It is also recognized that we must safeguard the public’s trust in order to be successful in our mission. The command staff investigate all complaints of misconduct thoroughly and appropriate measures are taken to ensure that our officers conform to the tenets of professional police conduct.

The Zionsville Police Department requires the administration of professional standards matters for creating a process to ensure the integrity of the agency. The goal of the professional standards function is to ensure that the integrity of the agency is maintained through an internal system whereby objectivity, fairness, and justice are ensured by an impartial investigation and review. The professional standards function consists of the Captain of the Administration Division and/or his designee in performing formal internal investigations and reviewing informal fact-finding investigations.


The Zionsville Police Department is committed to rewarding its members for commendable performance. The Department recognizes its members who receive citizen praise for their performance through Commendable Performance Reports and other awards.

These commendations become part of the employee's personnel file.  If you wish to commend a member of the Zionsville Police Department for a "job well done," you may either contact that member's supervisor, write a letter to the Chief of Police or use the Complement and Complaint Form listed below



Citizens having a complaint about any member of the Zionsville Police Department are

 first encouraged to contact the direct supervisor of that member or shift commander. That member’s immediate supervisor who will determine the appropriate action to be taken after investigating the complaint can resolve most complaints.

If the complaint is of a more serious nature, the supervisor will take an initial statement from the complainant and refer the matter to the Division Commander, who will review the matter and forward it to the Profession Standards Division. You may also use the Complement and Complaint Form listed below.

Complement and Complaint Form