Key Projects

Zionsville Road Bridge

Nearly complete, this project provides a 10’ multi-use path on each side of the Main Street bridge over Eagle Creek, along with a scenic overlook bump-out on each side. Decorative flower planters are planned in the spring to increase the aesthetics. This project accomplishes a few things, primarily increasing safety and attractiveness of walking or biking from the 106th Street area into town and vice-versa. This project has also opened up the view of Eagle Creek through the use of decorative pedestrian railings and open-style crash railings.

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Zionsville Road Bridge

Zionsville Road

This project involves the widening of Zionsville Road, which will go from two to three lanes when a center turn lane is added between Technology Center Drive and 106th Street. The project also includes adding a bike path on the west side of the road. To minimize cost and project length, the road will be closed during the summer for construction.

The reconstruction project – which involves the widening of a one-mile section of Zionsville Road and adding a multi-use pathway along each side of the road – began in the spring of 2019 and is expected to be complete in the beginning of December 2019.

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North-South Connector

With increased development and growth coming to the west side of Zionsville, design has begun on a new roadway segment that will connect the intersection of 850 East/Cooper Road with CR 875 East to the north, also known as the North-South Connector. The design includes a roundabout at the intersection of 850 East/Cooper Road and Oak Street as well as a roundabout at the intersection of CR 875 East and Whitestown Road. The project is also expected to include a 10-foot multi-use path.

Engineering work will continue through 2017, with land acquisition planned for 2018 and construction beginning in 2019. This project is included in the Town of Zionsville's 1983 Transportation Plan.

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Click here for the Oak Street/CR 850 Roundabout.

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Downtown Parking Lot Resurfacing

The parking lot along Pine Street that is home to the annual Farmers Market, commonly referred to as “the Friendly Parking Lot,” will be resurfaced in 2019 to bring a fresh look to this downtown area.

Other Projects in Development

Through a combination of private (developer) funding and public funding, the following roads are planned for reconstruction and widening in the next two years:

  • CR 800 East from approximately the Pemberton subdivision entrance up to CR 400 South
  • CR 400 South from CR 800 East to CR 875 East
  • CR 500 South (Whitestown Road) from CR 800 East to CR 875 East

A new pathway segment is planned for construction in 2019 from Governor’s Lane to Ford Road on the north side of Mulberry Street.

A new pathway segment is planned for construction in 2019 along the Municipal Services Building connecting the sidewalk system along Parkway Drive with the multi-use trail referred to as “Starkey Trail.”