Posted on: May 16, 2017

ZPD canine Jelka recovering from major surgery

Zionsville Police Department’s canine Jelka is recovering from injuries sustained from being hit by a pickup truck yesterday evening. Jelka, who just turned two-years-old, is currently at MedVet Indianapolis recovering from a nearly two-hour surgery that took place last night.


The Belgian Malinois and her owner, ZPD Officer Josh Stutesman, were playing ball in Officer Stutesman’s yard last night when Jelka ran to catch the ball and instead of catching the ball, it was deflected into the street and Jelka was struck by a truck while chasing the ball. Jelka was rushed to MedVet with a compound fracture in her left hind leg and a hole in her abdomen that pushed her organs forward which made it hard to breathe due to pressure on her lungs.


Jelka is currently in recovery. Officer Stutesman has been at the hospital with Jelka since yesterday evening.


“We are very hopeful she will come back to work but we do not know yet,” Stutesman said. “It’s still too early for the vet to tell us anything with 100% certainty but the vet is certainly optimistic.”


Jelka was born in Sweden and received specialized training before being matched with Stutesman last August. 


“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jelka. Our main concern is her health and quality of life issues,” said Chief Knox.

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