Posted on: February 10, 2017

Zionsville Golf Course raises rates for the first time in five years

At its most recent meeting, the Zionsville Park Board approved raising Zionsville Golf Course base rates. For golfers playing nine holes, rates will increase $1 without a cart and $2 with a cart. The rates will go into effect for the 2017 season.

The Park Department does not use direct tax dollars to fund the course, which has been open for eight seasons under Town ownership. Zionsville Golf Course fees have remained unchanged for the last five years.

On weekdays, nine holes will cost $12 without a cart and $21 when using a cart. On weekends and holidays, nine holes will cost $13 without a cart and $22 when using a cart. The junior and senior discount amount remains $2-off, and will still be available on weekdays only.

“Though only a small amount, this increase will significantly help in covering increasing golf course maintenance costs and also future capital expenses,” said Matt Dickey, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. “While the course pretty much pays its own way, significant and unpredictable extra expenses last year forced an allocation of $10,000 from the rainy day fund to meet the Park Board’s yearly savings target for future irrigation upgrades. That dropped the rainy day fund totals to less than $10,000, which is really too narrow a safety margin.”

Park Board President George Abel, who has often played the course, added, “While the Park Board can’t run the risk of making ironclad promises in today’s uncertain world, it is our sincere hope that half of the $2 fee increase for golf cart usage might partially contribute to items such as matching grants for cart path repairs, future cart fleet purchases or other capital needs at the course.”

Also at the meeting, retired Zionsville Golf Course employee Orlin Coleman was presented with a framed official Park Board Resolution honoring his service. Retired employee Mike Maguire was presented a Park Board Resolution the next day by Dickey. Maguire, the former Course Manager, and Coleman, the former Greenskeeper, both began working at the golf course in 2008 – the course’s first full season under Town ownership. Scott Barson has been hired as the Course Manager and Steve Robinson has been hired as the Greenskeeper.

For a full listing of Zionsville Golf Course rates, including rates for 18 holes, visit: www.zionsville-in.gov/300/Rates.

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