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1. What should I do if I am stopped by the police?
2. Where do Zionsville officers have jurisdiction?
3. My address is in Zionsville, isn’t the Zionsville Police Department the agency that provides services for me?
4. What are the requirements to operate a moped in Indiana?
5. If I receive a traffic ticket how can I pre-pay it?
6. Why does it take so long for an officer to come up to my car to speak with me after I have been stopped?
7. How fast can I drive over the speed limit without worrying about getting stopped?
8. Do Zionsville Police officers have a ticket quota?
9. Why do officers observe a traffic violation and wait to stop me several blocks away from where I allegedly committed the violation?
10. If a police officer is in an unmarked car, can he stop me and issue me a ticket?
11. Can an officer out of uniform in a marked car stop me for traffic infractions?
12. Is an officer required by law to show me the readout display on a radar unit?
13. Why did the officer tow my car to impound?
14. If I receive a written warning for a traffic infraction, will it go on my permanent driving record?