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Welcome to the Zionsville Police Department

The mission of the Zionsville Police Department is to preserve the dignity of the individual, to protect the rights of the citizen and visitor, and to gain public compliance of laws and ordinances to insure a safe, secure and tranquil environment.

Members of this department seek to be actively involved in the process of community building and forging a true partnership with the citizens to eliminate or mitigate situations adverse to the public well-being.

To this end, the Zionsville Police Department, in cooperation with the community, will:

* Make the prevention of crime and disorder the primary objective of the agency.

* Maintain the public trust and cooperation by fostering a model of policing based on community participation, sharing and understanding.

* Utilize available resources in the most effective and efficient manner to insure the highest quality of service at the lowest possible cost to our citizens.

* Involve representatives from all segments of the community in the process of community building, and consider our diversity as a strength, to be used to our collective advantage.

* Maintain the integrity and professionalism of the employees within the department by adhering to the high standards established in the police code of ethics, the policies of the department, and the foundations set forth in the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Indiana.

* Provide a high quality of police service based on openness in communication, unity of purpose, and effective problem solving through teamwork and continuing improvement.

* Create and maintain a posture which will allow the department to be flexible and adaptable in its response to community needs and requests.

Chief of Police Robert R. Knox
Email Chief Knox
Phone (317)-873-5967 Ext. 8022

Contact The ZPD

General ZPD Email Contact
Admin Phone: (317)-873-5967
Fax: (317)-873-8026

General Information

Effective MAY 4, 2009

VIN CHECK – $5.00
VIN check fee is waived for Zionsville residents.



Fingerprinting fee is waived for Zionsville residents.

Fingerprints are taken by appointment.





Each applicant is required to obtain an Indiana State Police criminal background check, no more than 2 weeks prior to applying for a solicitors permit.

A Reminder to all Walkers and Runners

Please remember to make use of sidewalks adjacent to streets. We have received reports of some people walking in the street on west Oak Street among other places. There have been sidewalks installed along most streets to facilitate safe pedestrian movement.

If no sidewalk is available, pedestrians may walk in the street as close to the edge of the roadway as possible. Please remember that it is a violation of state law for a pedestrian to walk upon a roadway if there is an accessible sidewalk adjacent to the road. Your help is greatly appreciated in assisting to make Zionsville a safer place for all to enjoy.

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