Brush and Limb Collection

Brush and limb collection is a biannual event for residents in the Urban Service District. This service is a means for Zionsville residents to dispose of pruned and fallen limbs and brush. It is generally scheduled for the last two weeks in April and the first two weeks in October. A schedule will be posted a month ahead of each collection. Brush and limb material is taken to GreenCycle to be recycled into mulch.

Questions about which service district you are located in? Click here to view a map of Rural vs. Urban Service Districts.

Brush & Limb Collection Guidelines

  • The limit on size is 6 inches in diameter and smaller
  • Grass clippings, leaves, decorative grass, vines, stumps, root balls, construction lumber, firewood and wooden fencing material is NOT collected
  • Bundling is not required
  • Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter may be left intact but should be no larger than can be managed by one person 
  • It is helpful if all limbs are piled facing the same direction for ease and safety of chipper loading.

This service is provided to residents and is not intended for full tree removal or HOA common ground clearing. These types of tree work should be completed by a tree service contractor including hauling away material at the owner’s expense. Brush and limb placed along common areas, commercial areas or any non-residence area will not be collected.

Brush and Limb from Storms

Each time a storm or significant wind comes through Zionsville, property owners inevitably experience damage to their private trees and find themselves in the position of having to then dispose of or otherwise deal with fallen branches and limbs. Many years ago, when the town was much smaller, DPW would collect and dispose of this debris on an as-needed basis. As the town expanded, the as-needed service was discontinued. However, an annual collection of brush and limb each spring was maintained to aid residents in disposing of these items. In 2003, a fall brush and limb collection was added to increase the level of this service as well.

Some confusion still exists as to whether the town will or won’t collect fallen limbs after a storm event, which it will not. However, when strong winds come through our community, it is likely that DPW crews are sent out with trucks and chippers to collect debris that has fallen on a roadway or sidewalk. Since the crews are not instantaneous, many residents will drag the limb from the roadway and place it alongside the road. These limbs are then collected by DPW crews.

This can lead to the appearance that DPW is in fact collecting storm damage, when crews are only clearing debris within rights of way. Residents should be aware that the disposal of storm-damaged limbs and branches from trees on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Upcoming Brush and Limb Collection Schedule