Special Response Team

About the Team
The Special Response Team is comprised of highly trained specialized personnel to insure the highest degree of safety for law enforcement officers and the general public. Team personnel require continual training and refresher courses to remain current on techniques and technology. The Special Response Team is utilized in but not limited to hostage rescue, high risk warrant service, high risk arrest situations and high risk containment situations.

The Special Response Team was originally composed in 1990 with 8 officers. The team has now expanded to 12 officers. These officers are comprised of units from the Zionsville Police Department, Lebanon Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department. This make up of a multi-jurisdictional team is the most cost effective means of funding and promotes a good working relationship with departments throughout the county.

The Boone County Special Response Team is pictured right with friend and trainer Louis Awerbuck of Yavapai Firearms Academy Limited.