The Zionsville Police Reserve is a volunteer unit of the Zionsville Police Department, authorized by the Town Council under Indiana state statute.

Reserve officers are appointed by the Town Council and are identified as Reserve Police Officers and are fully empowered to perform duties as law enforcement officers for the Town of Zionsville as assigned by the Police Chief.
Citizen Volunteers
Officers of the Reserve Division are citizen volunteer officers dedicated to providing competent and professional law enforcement services for a safe and secure Zionsville community, and are proud to serve as members of the Zionsville Police Department.

The Reserve Division functions as an extension of the Patrol Division and Criminal Investigations Division, and are responsible for designated patrol shifts, covering open shifts and augmenting regular patrol shifts. Reserve Officers provide police services and manpower for special events and call-outs. Reserve Officers also provide police service as appropriate when in off-duty status.

Training Process
Prior to appointment, Reserve Officer candidates follow the same application and screening process as regular employees, and must complete the Boone County Reserve Law Enforcement Academy or equivalent. After appointment and a period of supervised field training, the officers are approved for full service as Police Officers. Reserve Officers also complete the same annual continuing education criteria as the full-time officers.

Personnel & Equipment
The Reserve Division is assigned it’s own vehicle(s), equipped virtually identical to the full time patrol vehicles, including audio-visual, mobile computer, radar and communications. The vehicle(s) is often times used as a back up vehicle when others are out of service. Reserve officers also are trained and serve regularly as members of the Bike Patrol.

The Reserve Division authorized strength is 20 officers, however active officers generally range from 6 to 12.