Auto Safety Tips

Guidelines to Protect Your Car

The Zionsville Police Department responded to several vehicle break-in thefts recently in the Lions Park parking lot as well as the Goddard School parking lot in Zionsville. As a result, we are asking our community to review the following tips in hopes of preventing your vehicle from being the next target. Unfortunately, other nearby communities are experiencing these same types of crimes.

1) Don’t give them anything to steal

When valuables are in plain sight, you’re giving thieves incentive to break into your car. Even if it’s inconvenient, take your valuables with you when you get out.

2) Make use of the trunk

If you have to leave something in the car, put it in the trunk. It’s much more secured than the armrest or glove compartment and it keeps valuables out of plain sight.

3) Don’t leave a crack in your window

Rolling down the window just a smidge might help air out your car on hot days. But it’s also an easy way for someone to force open the window to unlock the car.

Even an inch is enough for a thief to stick their fingers in, rock the window back and forth to get it off the track, push it down, and reach their arm in to unlock the door.

4) Park in your garage with the door shut while at home

Thieves go for the path of least resistance. Parking in your garage with the door shut is a harder target than a car that’s easy to access.

Plus, your garage door should be shut anyway to keep prying eyes off your expensive personal property.

5) Park with in well-lit, visible areas

If you don’t have a garage, make sure you have the right security lights to keep the area around your car well lit. Also, make sure those same lights don’t work against you.

Park in high traffic spots with lights overhead.