Anniversary Fundraiser

Partnerships and support are important to improving the community we share. The Zion Nature Center is in its 15th year of operation. We are raising $5,000 for completion for our seasonal tree exhibit. The two lifelike trees will flank our newly completed box turtle tree stump exhibit.

Will you support the Zion Nature Center?
We are asking for a minimum donation of $50.
As a thank you, you’ll receive our

commemorative 15th Anniversary tote.

The Zion Nature Center provides over 200 programs each year, and interacts with over 11,000 visitors. Your generous investment will help us continue to provide programming and exhibits that have a positive impact on our community.

Thank You to Our Donors

Scott and Summer Steenburg
Zionsville Tri Kappa
Laura and David Gangstad
Emily Styron
Tim, Darby and Peter Casady
Cathy Madewall and Jeff Johnston (in honor of the Goldberg Family)
Ericka Pickell
Afshan Paarlberg
Josh Garrett
The Murdock Family
Your Encore in Memory of Barbara DeWeese

Can we add you to our list?

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