Pathways Overview

Mission Statement
The mission of the Zionsville Pathways Committee is to plan and provide implementation for alternate means of transportation (bicycle/pedestrian pathways) linking main points in the Zionsville Community.

Committee Members

  • Jeff Edmondson
  • Tim Casady, Ex-Officio, Park Board
  • Bret Brewer
  • Justin Hage
  • Elizabeth Hopper, Town Council Ex-Officio

  • Sara Martini
  • Geoff Ruffer
  • Nichole Seiler
  • Faye Snodgrass
The Town of Zionsville began its effort to create a comprehensive pedestrian/bicycle pathway system in 1985, becoming one of the 1st communities in Indiana to understand the importance of connecting residential neighborhoods, schools, parks and businesses with a non vehicular trail system.

Enhanced quality of life and public safety, for residents of all ages, was the prime objective of this plan. Today Zionsville’s pathway system features a 3.5 mile and ever expanding rail trail, which is uninterrupted by any street crossing.
Creekside Nature Park
This trail known as the Nancy Burton/Dave Brown Trail is the spine of the entire pathway system and connects several parks and schools as well as the Boys and Girls Club and the Zionsville Town Hall.

The Zionsville Rail Trail, someday in the near future will also be part of the 50 mile Indiana Farm Heritage Trail that will run from Zionsville to Lafayette with Zionsville being the Southern Trail Head.

Constant Renewal

New pathways along existing thoroughfares in town are being completed each year with the goal of making all streets pedestrian and bicycle friendly. And as new development occurs, developers are required to install pathways in these neighborhoods as well.  The town has recently completed pathways along 106th Street, along Willow Road and near Starkey Road. New paths are in the planning and design phases along SR334 between Lion’s Park and US421, and along Turkey Foot Road.

An exciting new dimension to the towns pathway system is the utilization of the banks along Eagle Creek. Today a pathway exists along Eagle Creek from Zionsville Road north through Lions Park. Ultimately this path will run from the new Turkey Foot Park to the north to Starkey Park on the Southern Edge.

Connections to Carmel, our neighbor to the East, are also starting to happen. This will allow easier access to the Monon Trail from Zionsville.
Rail Trail Sign
A vibrant trail system is an ongoing effort and is never truly finished. Thanks to a commitment from local government as well as many dedicated volunteers, Zionsville’s pathway system is something we as a community can be very proud of.

If you would like to know more about the Trail system or become a volunteer or simply make a suggestion for its improvement please call 317-908-1396 or email the Pathways Committee.