Citizens Academy


The Zionsville Police Department Citizens Academy

The Zionsville Police Department is proud to provide a unique opportunity for citizens to attend training classes covering the operation of your police department and to experience a window into some of the training required to become a police officer.

In today’s world, citizens can have an inaccurate view of the profession of law enforcement. Some of these views are shaped by exposure to news reports, Hollywood movies and fictional television shows. It is our expectation to provide an accurate view of the real world of law enforcement for our participants.

This eight-week academy is focused on educating citizens about the Zionsville Police Department, the organization, operations and role in the community. Class participants will gain an understanding of police department responsibilities, laws, and department procedures that govern its operation. The goal of the academy is to continue to develop the partnership between citizens and your local law enforcement agency.

Training Topics

•    History and orientation of the organizational structure

•    Tour of the police department

•    Criminal Investigations / Narcotics overview

•    Crime scene investigations

•    Police recruiting and training

•    School resource officers

•    Police K9 overview and demonstration

•    Crime lab/evidence overview and demonstration

•    Crime prevention and awareness

•    Traffic / OWI and accident reconstruction

•    Use of Force / Defensive Tactics

•    Bike Patrol overview and demonstration

•    Firearms / Active Shooter overview

•    Emergency Vehicle Operations and functions

A four-hour ride along with an officer will also be scheduled outside of class time. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see firsthand what the job of a police officer entails.

Classes are taught by members of the police department, many of which are certified law enforcement instructors. Our Citizens Academy is open to all Zionsville residents or persons who work in the Zionsville Community who are eighteen years old or older. Applicants with a felony criminal history will not be accepted. Limited misdemeanor history will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Participation in the Citizens Academy is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.  


"What an amazing experience. Thank you to each and all who took their time to administer and present such a wonderful 8-week experience."

"Officer Josh, Detective Liz, Lieutenant Adrian, Captain Jeff, Sargent Dennemann and Chief Knox were all first-rate with their engagement and instruction and I just loved the effort and quality of the program."

"Really enjoyed learning about the Prosecutors office, He was very knowledgeable. The dog handlers were very good at talking about their passion of the job."

"Subjects included information from the Prosecutors Office and Canine. Kent Eastwood provided info that I did not know regarding how the judicial service was set up and how the different offices worked together."

"Loved the staged accident and the hands-on experience. "

"Our second class was extremely interesting and the practical side of it enabled us to truly understand some of the techniques used at crime scenes. I am already looking forward to class 3. Thank you to all of the Officers who are so giving of their time and talents to ensure the program is as interesting and as well run as possible. "

"Can’t begin to thank the entire team for all the hours of prep work that went into this evenings activities. Thank you for such a well-organized evening."


There are currently no classes scheduled for 2020. Information and applications will be posted when a schedule of classes are available.