Key Road Projects

*All projects are subject to change

2021 key road projects map

1. North-South Connector

This project will resume in the spring of 2021. The final element of this project is the new, two-lane roundabout on Oak St. at CR 850 E. (Cooper Rd.).

A new roadway segment will connect the intersection of CR 850 E./Cooper Rd. with CR 875 E. to the north. The design includes a roundabout at the intersection of CR 850 E./Cooper Rd. and Oak St. as well as a roundabout at the intersection of CR 875 E. and Whitestown Rd. The project will also include a 10-foot multi-use path.

Road closures anticipated: CR 850 E. south of Oak St. beginning mid-June for approximately 45 days.

Estimated completion: Summer 2021

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Click here for the Oak Street/CR 850 Roundabout

Click here for the Whitestown Road/CR 875 Roundabout

2. Oak St. Sewer

The sewer will be located on the north side of Oak St. and will extend west of Cooper Rd. traveling east to just west of Irish Hill. 

All residents along the side streets of Oak St. who are in the direct location of the sewer project are being considered for sewer. This includes residents as far west as 800 E. and as far east as 950 E. As a first step, the Wastewater Department assessed interest, asking residents in the area to complete a survey. The Town needs greater than 50% buy-in from the neighbors to run sewer down a street and all neighbors will be asked to contribute in the cost. However, residents will not be forced to connect.

Estimated completion: Summer 2021

Progress status update: Vectren is planning to be onsite to begin their work on or around May 11. Once they are on site, they have approximately three weeks of work to complete their utility relocation, after which our contractor can resume their operations. We estimate it will take approximately 60 days to complete the sewer work, test it and put it into service. Assuming Vectren holds relatively close to their conveyed schedule, everything should be wrapped up and in service around August 1. The restoration of signs and pavements need not wait until the end, and these items will be addressed as soon as practical within the construction schedule.

3. CR 400 S. Reconstruction and Widening

This project includes the widening, repair and resurfacing of CR 400 S. to the west of CR 875 E. for approximately .5 miles.

Estimated completion: COMPLETED

4. CR 500 S. Reconstruction and Widening

This project improves and widens CR 500 S. from CR 875 E. approximately .4 miles to the west. This project will reconstruct a portion of the road and widen the existing width to 24 feet. This project is funded partially from private developer funds.

Road closures anticipated: Full road closure is anticipated.

Estimated completion: Spring 2021

Other Projects

US 421 and CR 550 (INDOT)

Beginning May 10, INDOT will begin the intersection improvement project at US 421 and CR 550 to add a traffic light at this intersection. This project could take a few months to complete. There will not be any closures but there may be lane restrictions at times with flaggers present.

Templin Road Bridge Reconstruction (Boone County Highway Department)

The shoulder of this bridge is currently closed. The Templin Road bridge over Eagle Creek was inspected and an engineering firm has been hired by the Boone County Highway Department to work on design of a complete bridge replacement. The shoulder is currently closed and will remain closed until the full bridge replacement/reconstruction project begins in 2021.

CR 800 E.

CR 800 E. will be widened and resurfaced by the developers of the Pemberton and Hampshire subdivision. 

CR 300 S. Corridor Project

Through a grant from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Town has partnered with the Boone County Highway Department to conduct a corridor study along CR 300 S. from CR 800 E. to the Boone/Hamilton county line. The purpose of this study is to identify a preliminary scope and a potential design of future road widening and intersection improvements considering feasibility, costs, impacts to properties, environmental concerns and bridge needs. 

While there is one known bridge replacement project planned within the next four years, there are no identified intersection or road projects at this time. The information learned from this study will initially guide bridge design as these structures are maintained and replaced as needed. Future intersection or roadway capacity projects will not be undertaken until the volume of vehicles and levels of service justify the improvements.

CR 300 South Concept Plan Section 1

CR 300 South Concept Plan Section 2

CR 300 South Concept Plan Section 3

CR 300 South Concept Plan Section 4

CR 300 South Roundabout Option at CR 875 East

CR 300 South Roundabout Option at CR 975 East

CR 300 South Public Info Meeting Handouts

CR 300 South Public Info Meeting Power Point Presentation

CR 300 South Typical Cross Sections

Projects for the Future

CR 800 E. and Oak St. Roundabout

The Town is completing preliminary engineering on a roundabout project at the intersection of CR 800 E. (Kissell Rd.) and Oak St. to replace an existing traffic signal. This traffic signal was installed in 2017 as a temporary measure to assist with traffic management of the intersection until a roundabout could be designed, funded and constructed. 

Property owners directly affected by the construction have been contacted, but at this time no definitive schedule has been finalized. The funding for the construction of this project has been identified, but further preliminary actions such as land-acquisition and construction is yet conditioned upon approval of spending by the Town Council. Once the funding has been approved, a tentative schedule will be made available.