Meeting Room Request

Meeting Room Use Policy

This policy defines the scope, limitations, and procedures for the use of the meeting rooms that are maintained by the Town of Zionsville. The Town reserves the right to permit or deny use for any purpose, in any area of the building, at its sole discretion.

The meeting rooms are taxpayer-owned facilities, and as such, their use is limited to Zionsville citizens, businesses, organizations and their guests for the purposes of meetings, conferences and trainings. Private events and celebrations (i.e., birthday parties, receptions, reunions, etc.) are not permitted.

The meeting rooms in Town Hall are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (may be limited to a certain number of attendees during the workday due to parking lot spaces). Meeting rooms are unavailable on holidays when Town Hall is closed. The offices and assembly room of Town Hall are separate secured zones from the meeting rooms. Access by the public to these secure areas is restricted to the conduct of Town business during normal working hours or public meeting times as applicable.

For questions, email Carol Johnson

Meeting Room Rental Fees

There is no charge for non-profit organizations, residents, and municipal, state or federal government use of meeting rooms. Room sponsors may use their named room at no cost. For others, fees are listed below (per fee schedule). 

Meeting Room Fees 
Small rooms (103, 105, 202, 203, 204, 205)$25/up to 4 hours
Large room (207)$50/up to 4 hours

Meeting Room Cleaning Fees
Light clean small rooms (103, 105, 202, 203, 204, 205)$75
Light clean large room (207, common corridors)$150
Heavy clean small rooms (103, 105, 202, 203, 204, 205)$250
Heavy clean large room (207, common corridors)$500

*A cleaning fee is only incurred when Town staff or vendors must complete a light clean, heavy clean or repair damage. Groups or individuals are not allowed to reserve or use meeting rooms until all incurred cleaning fees are paid.

*Light clean = light sweeping, cleaning table and counter surfaces, repositioning furniture to original locations.

*Heavy clean = includes all of light clean plus cleaning carpets due to spills or stains and cleaning walls and windows.

*Additional fees may be assessed as deemed necessary as a result of extensive carpet, drywall, paint, or property damage.

Meeting Room Features

Each room is equipped with a monitor or projector and screen. Guests can present on these screens by connecting a laptop to the HDMI cable in the meeting room. The Town does not provide adapters. The large room has a readily-available stationary microphone at the lectern. The small rooms seat 10-20 people, and the large room seats 100 people. If approved for a room, your assigned meeting room is based on availability and the size of your group.   

Meeting Room Request

To request a meeting room, please complete the Meeting Room Request Form online. Requests for meeting rooms should be submitted at least ten business days prior to the event. Meeting rooms can be requested six months in advance.