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Posted on: January 3, 2024

Mayor John Stehr and Town Council announce 2024 board/commission/committee appointments


Mayor John Stehr and the Zionsville Town Council have announced new appointments and re-appointments to Town of Zionsville boards, commissions and committees. These individuals give their time and expertise for the benefit of the community.  

All appointments are for one-year terms with the exception of: Board of Parks and Recreation (four-year term for Town Council appointments; one-year term for Mayoral appointments), Park and Road Impact Fee Review Board (five-year term), Plan Commission (four-year term), Board of Zoning Appeals (four-year term), Board of Police Commissioners (three-year term after initial term) and Redevelopment Authority (three-year term). 

Mayoral new appointments:

  • Economic Development Commission: Wes Merkle
  • Economic Redevelopment Commission (RDC): Justin Hage, Deron Kintner, Denise Pierce
  • Economic Redevelopment Authority: Maggie Daniels Flint
  • Board of Parks and Recreation: Michael Kaufmann
  • Climate Action Steering Committee: Faye Snodgress
  • Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau: Amanda Cecil, Tiffany Stoner
  • Finance Committee: Micah Vincent  

Mayoral re-appointments:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals: Jocelyn Hinshaw, Chris Lake, Kathi Postlethwait
  • Community Development Corporation (CDC): Erica Carpenter, Tammy Kelly, Patricia McCarthy, Ericka Pickell, Amanda Rubeck, Cara Weber
  • Economic Redevelopment Authority: Chris Carriere, Tiffany Stoner
  • Plan Commission: Mary Grabianowski, Jim Hurst, Chris Lake, Cindy Madrick
  • Park/Road Impact Fee Review Board: John Demaree, Jim Longest, Tony Merlie
  • Climate Action Steering Committee: Eliana Armstrong, Jill Pack, Coralie Palmer
  • MPO Policy Committee and White River Alliance Board: Lance Lantz
  • MPO Technical Committee: George Lewis

Town Council new appointments:

  • Plan Commission: Josh Fedor, Nick Plopper
  • Zionsville Architectural Review Committee: Lisa Paul
  • People of Zionsville for the Aesthetics of Zionsville Committee (PZAZ): Josh Martin, Tim McElderry
  • Board of Parks and Recreation: Chad Dilley, Matt Milburn
  • Safety Board: Evan Norris, Sarah Esterline Sampson, Joe Stein, Valerie Swack
  • Board of Police Commissioners: Brad Burk
  • Town Hall Building Corporation: Joe Stein
  • Union Township Building Corporation: Tim McElderry
  • Water Advisory Board: Jason Plunkett
  • Boone County Solid Waste Management District Board: Evan Norris

Town Council re-appointments:

  • Plan Commission: David Franz
  • Zionsville Architectural Review Committee: Michael Billing, Tom Casalini, David Rausch, Todd Rottman
  • Economic Redevelopment Commission (RDC): Kent Esra, David Ober
  • Economic Development Commission (EDC): Mark Plassman
  • People of Zionsville for the Aesthetics of Zionsville Committee (PZAZ): Dan Bradley, Pauline Coderre, Ellen Dennehy, Michal Owens, Greta Sanderson
  • Safety Board: Alex Choi
  • Zionsville Municipal Building Corporation: Larry Jones, Aaron Walton, Paul Watson
  • Zionsville-Eagle Township Municipal Building Corporation: Larry Jones, Sean McHale, Craig Melton
  • Zionsville Town Hall Building Corporation: Rob French, Steven Lonn
  • Union Township Building Corporation: Mike Rhinebold, Bryan Traylor
  • White River Alliance: Lance Lantz
  • Boone County Solid Waste Management District Board: Brad Burk, Craig Melton
  • Town Prosecutor: Craig Olsinski

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