How much will it cost to connect?

Property owners will be responsible for hiring a plumbing contractor to install a grinder pump unit to serve their home as well as the pipes from the home to the grinder unit and from the grinder unit to the main in the street; also to decommission the existing septic tank.  We have contacted some local contractors and are being told this cost would likely be in the range of $15,000 to $20,000 which is similar to the cost of installing a new septic system. Note that every property will be different so owners should contact contractors to get actual quotes. Additionally, a $4,000 sewer availability and $25 permit fee will need to be paid to the Town at the time of connection.  

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1. If sewer is installed on my street, will I be required to hook up?
2. How much will it cost to connect?
3. Who will be responsible for future maintenance?
4. Will this project disrupt my neighborhood?
5. Why are pressure sewers being installed instead of gravity mains?
6. Could the sewer mains be installed along the back yards as many of the houses have existing rear yard septic systems?
7. Is the Town providing a list of approved, recommended or certified contractors to install the pumps?
8. Will the Town be installing a service drop to each property?
9. Will homeowners be required to hook up if their spectic system fails or needs repairs?
10. Is there a deadline a homeowner needs to connect by?