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Zionsville Parks Foundation Scholarship Program

  1. The Zionsville Parks Foundation recognizes that quality summer camp programs are important to your family health and strive to ensure every Zionsville child has an opportunity to attend. The Foundation offers financial assistance to residents who may face financial hardship in paying camp registration fees.  A limited number of scholarship funds are available for those who qualify.

    All information must be filled out below or the application will not be accepted. The information requested below is confidential and is necessary to determine the degree of need per applicant.

  2. Camper Information
  3. You must be a Zionsville resident to apply for a Zionsville Parks Foundation Scholarship.

  4. I have an active MyRec account (a MyRec account is required for camp registration and can be completed at*
  5. My child participates in the free and reduced benefits program through the school.*
  6. Gross annual household income:*
  7. Camps I plan on registering my child for:
  8. This form does not guarantee registration in any camp but is used to determine the amount of scholarship approved. Camp registration opens on March 13 at noon.

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