• A fountain with green grass all around
  • A family riding bikes
  • A bridge over the creek covered in snow
  • Stone archways in the winter with snow covering the ground
  • Rail Trail sign
  • Colorful water park amenities
  • A tree with its roots in the sand on the creek bed
  • A red, metal bridge over the creek
  • A paved pathway in the winter with snow and ice all on the trees
  • A paved pathway along the trees covered in snow
  • A paved pathway along the tree line
  • A meadow of yellow flowers and tall green grass
  • A man with his bicycle under a green tent
  • A man speaking to people under a covered pavilion
  • A man speaking to a group of people under a pavilion
  • A man and young boy on a tandem bike
  • A group of people outside with bicycles
  • A group of people holding shovels
  • A group of cyclists at the starting line
  • A gazebo hidden among the trees

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