Josh Garrett

Town Council
Title: Town Council District 5
Phone: 317-873-5130
Josh Garrett

After a landslide election, well, it was a tiny landslide of a 6-vote margin, Joshua joined Town Council in 2016.  With this mandate, the councilor from District 5 and current council vice president very much enjoys making Zionsville a better place to live and helping to attract new businesses to the area.  Always ready with a quick joke, his jesting nature shouldn't be mistaken for taking a given topic less than seriously.  There’s always room for a little bit of fun.  

Joshua is co-founder and President of MOBI, which has been proudly based in Zionsville since 2002.  In his personal life, Garrett realized his dream of being the next American Idol would never come true.  He soon set his sights on mountain climbing to scale the highest peaks on all 7 continents.  The next day, while sledding with his children, Garrett determined he liked neither the cold, nor walking uphill and quickly abandoned that effort.  He now spends most of his time trying to avoid embarrassing or annoying his beautiful wife.  Any remaining energy is spent reading, playing with his three kids and the occasional game of basketball, despite his previously mentioned beautiful wife telling him he’s “too old”.  She will be less than supportive during his rehab when he eventually blows out an ACL (or worse).  He’ll spend that time on the couch watching horror movies in reverse because he prefers stories that end with a happy camping trip. 

If you need to contact him, his door (inbox) is always open and he’s happy to chat.  His contact info is and during basketball weather you can leave a message for “White Lightning” with people playing pick-up games in Lions Park.

When asked to comment on this bio his wife is quoted as saying “Wait, you’re not really going to submit that are you?”


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