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Meeting Room Request Form

  1. Your assigned meeting room will be available 30 minutes before your reservation. Rooms are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week, excluding holidays. Availability of meeting rooms during business hours is severely limited.
  2. Each room is equipped with a monitor or projector and screen. Guests can present on these screens by connecting a laptop to the HDMI cable in the meeting room. The Town does not provide adapters. The large room has a readily-available stationary microphone at the lectern. The small rooms seat 10-20 people, and the large room seats 100 people. If approved for a room, your assigned meeting room is based on availability and the size of your group.
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. The undersigned organization, group, or individual using the meeting room (“User”) affirms and agrees to the following terms and conditions: • The User agrees to use the meeting room solely for the purpose for which it was reserved and approved. • The furniture will be in the same arrangement and condition upon conclusion of the meeting. • All costs or expenses due to damage to the meeting room or Town Hall while being utilized shall be the sole responsibility of the User. The User will report any damage to the Facilities Manager at (317) 760-3761 within one business day of the occurrence. • The User shall keep the meeting room clean and free from rubbish, trash, or debris during its use. To the extent that the Town must clean rubbish, trash or debris from the meeting room or Town Hall after its use, the Town may charge custodial fees to the User, and the User shall pay such amounts promptly to the Town. • Horseplay, gambling, the carrying of firearms, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited in or around the meeting room or Town Hall. • The User shall be responsible for any items lost or stolen from the room or Town Hall. • The Town shall not be responsible for any accident or injury occurring within the meeting room or Town Hall by the User or the User’s members and/or guests. The User shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Town harmless from and against any costs, loss, damage, or expense; including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred as a result of any claim, suit, liability, or demand arising out of or relating to the User’s use, control, maintenance, alteration, or occupancy of the meeting room. • The User accepts the meeting room in an “AS-IS” condition and acknowledges that the Town and its elective representatives and agents have made no express warranty or representation regarding the physical or environmental condition of the meeting room. • The User is responsible for their attendees in the event of an emergency at Town Hall (i.e., fire alarm).
  5. By checking below, I agree to the terms and conditions.*
  6. Indemnification Agreement
  7. (User) agrees to unconditionally, absolutely and irrevocably defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Zionsville, Indiana, and its officers, agents, servants, and employees from any claim, demand, suit, loss, cost or expense or any damage which may be asserted, claimed, recovered, against or from (event) by reason of any damage to property, personal injury or bodily injury, including death, sustained by any person whomsoever and which damage, injury or death arises out of or is incidental to the negligence of the Town of Zionsville or by third parties, or by the officers, agents, servants or employees or vendors. This application for use of the meeting room does not automatically obligate the Town of Zionsville to grant the use of the room for the purpose requested. Use of the meeting room for any purpose is within the sole discretion of the Town of Zionsville.
  8. By checking below, I agree to the indemnification agreement.*
  9. Cleaning Fees
  10. A cleaning fee is only incurred with Town staff or vendors must complete a light clean, heavy clean, or repair damage. Groups or individuals are not allowed to reserve or use meeting rooms until all incurred cleaning fees are paid. Light Clean: light sweeping, cleaning table and/or counter surfaces. $75 for 103, 202, 203, 204, and 205. $150 for 207 and common corridors. Heavy Clean: all of light cleaning plus cleaning carpets due to spills or stains and cleaning walls and windows. $250 for 103, 202, 203, 204, and 205. $500 for 207 and common corridors. Additional fees may be assessed as a result of extensive carpet, dry wall, paint, or property damage or if the Town must reposition furniture to the original location.
  11. By checking below, I agree to pay cleaning fees if they are incurred.*
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