Department of Finance & Records


The Department of Finance & Records is responsible for:
  • Receiving and caring for all town money and disbursing monies on the order of the Town Council as directed by State Statute
  • Keeping financial accounts identifying the sources from which funds have been received and to whom payments of town funds have been made
  • Prescribing payroll and account forms for all town offices
  • Prescribing the manner in which creditors, officers and employees shall be paid
  • Managing the finances and accounts of the town and make investments of town money
  • Preparing the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenue, financial statements, and the proposed tax rate for the town council
  • Maintaining custody of the town seal and the records of the town council
  • Issuing all licenses and collect the fees fixed by ordinance
  • Serving as the clerk of the legislative body by attending its meetings and recording its proceedings
  • Administering oaths, taking depositions and serving as a notary without a fee
  • Serving as the Clerk of the town court, if the judge of the town court does not serve as the clerk or appoint a clerk of the court

To view the public portal for Zionsville's financials, including budgets, annual financial reports, debt reports and more, visit the Indiana Gateway for Government Units website.


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  1. Finance & Records

    Physical Address
    1100 W Oak Street
    Zionsville, IN 46077

    Phone: 317-873-5410
    Fax: 317-873-8021

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

  2. Tammy Havard

    Tammy Havard

    Chief Financial Officer
    Phone: 317-344-1170