Department of Finance & Records


Although the primary function of the Director of Finance & Records of a town is to serve as fiscal officer of the town, the Director of Finance & Records has many other responsibilities. The Director of Finance & Records is responsible to:
  • Receive and care for all town money and disburse monies on the order of the Town Council as directed by State Statute
  • Keep financial accounts identifying the sources from which funds have been received and to whom payments of town funds have been made
  • Prescribe payroll and account forms for all town offices
  • Prescribe the manner in which creditors, officers and employees shall be paid
  • Manage the finances and accounts of the town and make investments of town money
  • Prepare the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenue, financial statements, and the proposed tax rate for the town council
  • Maintain custody of the town seal and the records of the town council
  • Issue all licenses and collect the fees fixed by ordinance
  • Serve as the clerk of the legislative body by attending its meetings and recording its proceedings
  • Administer oaths, take depositions and serve as a notary without a fee
  • Serve as the Clerk of the town court, if the judge of the town court does not serve as the clerk or appoint a clerk of the court
Other responsibilities may exist depending on the structure of the town however the above are the areas of greatest focus.

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