Leaf Collection

Leaf collection begins Monday, Oct. 23, 2023 and runs through Friday, Dec. 1, 2023.

There is no set schedule or particular day for leaf collection as the volume of leaves placed for collection cannot be controlled or predicted and therefore the service varies each week. Every attempt is made to make a complete round through every neighborhood each week, but during heavy times the service may extend to bi-weekly.

All leaves collected are recycled.


  • Rake your leaves into long narrow piles along the curb. This makes it easier and quicker for us to vacuum the leaves. We cannot reach leaves more than a few feet from the edge of the street.
  • The leaf vacuums can only accept leaves. Please do not place sticks, pine cones, gravel or other non-leaf objects in your piles. Any damage to our leaf vacuums can delay collection.
  • Park your cars off the street if possible. The large truck and trail leaf vacuum are difficult to maneuver and clear streets make our job much quicker.
Questions about which service district you are located in? Click here for a map of rural vs. urban districts.
Leaf Collection