Fines & Costs

Important Note

There are certain offenses for which you must appear in Court:
  • 26 or more miles per hour over the limit
  • Driving while suspended
  • Passing school bus while loading or unloading
  • Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility
  • Speeding in a worksite zone or school zone
  • Any offense for which you are told to personally appear by the arresting officer or court personnel

Traffic Fees

Violation Fine Court Costs
Speeding - 1-15 miles per hour over the limit
$25.50 $135.50 $161
Speeding - 16-25 miles per hour over the limit
$35.50 $135.50 $171
All Other Moving Violations
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Non-Moving Traffic Violations
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Seat Belt Violation
$25 N/A $25

Local Ordinance Violations

Parking - Town Streets
Parking - Handicapped Parking Violation
Parking - Parking in Fire Lane
False Alarm - 1st Offense
False Alarm - Each Additional Offense

Animal at Large

Violation Fee
1st - 3rd Offenses
Additional Offenses
Animal at Large includes:
  • Animal Running at Large
  • Chickens in Excess of Limit
  • Possession of Roosters

Dangerous Animal

Dangerous animal violations must appear in court.

Ordinance Violation Court Costs

Court costs do not apply on these local ordinance violations if the ticket is paid by the Court date. Failure to pay the ticket in full on or before the Court date will result in additional penalties and the imposition of Court Costs. For questions or for more information call 317-873-8240.